#Flash-Fiction 99 Word #writing prompt (Beyond): Why I meditate

The December 22, 2016 prompt can be found at the Carrot Ranch“In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that steps beyond. It can be a door, a tunnel, a worm hole in space. You can create an explicit for what “beyond” is or you can simply use the word. Follow the prompt where it takes you, beyond what you think you know is there.”


“Why meditation?”  I asked.

In lotus position, she responded, “Oohm.”

“Jane!”  I yelled.

She smiled with a peace I hadn’t felt in years.  “Lie on that mat.  I’ll take you through a meditation.”

I must’ve been tired. Down…down, I traveled into darkness, floating…immersed in love.  One word said it all, “home.”

A soft, gentle voice whispered, “It’s not yet your time.”

I blinked at a white ceiling, wondering why an IV drained into my arm.

“I had to call 911,” Jane said. 

I smiled with a peace I hadn’t felt in years, replying, “Now I know why you meditate.”