#amwriting #SoCS : Should

Linda Hill’s SoCS:  “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “sh.” Find a word that begins with the letters “sh” and base your post on it. Bonus points if you start your post with those letters. Enjoy!”


If there is one word I find more frightening than torture and worse than poverty it’s the word “should.”

Should is regret, indecision, trying to choose between social norms, desires of the heart, or  deciding whether to go with the flow of your culture’s “normal” or follow your intuition.

If you say, “I should do…” it means you feel compelled to do something you’re not particularly anxious to do.

“I should go to bed” (even though you’re not tired but it’s past your bedtime).

“I should go to the doctor more often” (even though you understand that health care isn’t the same as disease prevention nor are doctor’s always necessary).

“I should be nicer to my family” (whether or not they’re the worst sort of  human species and you can’t stand to be around them for more than 4 minutes).

This often leads to the words, “I should have…”  as in

“I should have followed my heart.”

“I should have listened when my friends said that doctor was a quack.”

“I should have taken that job instead of allowing my fear to choose for me.”

“I should have left my spouse years ago.”

Poverty of the heart, torture of the mind become your strait jacket.  So when you find yourself saying “I should” or “I shouldn’t” it might help to consider the reasons why.

Follow your heart, listen to your intuition, take the responsibility to make your own choices, and never ignore the signs that you’re “shoulding” on yourself.