Chocolate pie: The world’s best cure for EVERYTHING.

This is going to be a short post and possibly unedited.  I’m still having trouble looking at a white screen .

I’m visiting family in the middle of the country in the USA.  I love my family dearly and wished I could spend more time with them, but most of it, so far, has been spent sequestered in their den.

 Since I’m not a normal people and generally live in a house that’s lit up like a cave (i.e., not lit up in the least), that was one small factor on leading toward the road to migraineville, but definitely not the entire reason.  The lights inside their house are very bright, like most normal people’s houses.

The problem really started weeks ago and it’s deeply rooted in  stress.   First, The stress over having the responsibility for a job that could plummet a non-profit organization into ruin if it isn’t done right.  Second, I don’t want that level of stress any longer so I’m retiring. Third, my income is going to be reduced.  Just know it was a personal decision and not one that was forced on me.

Then came NaNoWriMo, where I just HAD to write a novel over 50,000 words in November.  Yes, I accomplished what I call the scatter of bones waiting to be edited into the creature it once was (or in the case of a book – – is destined to become),

Now comes the cut-the-grass, that moment I look back on and know THAT’s when I should’ve taken action instead of ignoring the air raid siren blasting out, “MIGRAINE ALERT.” After several months of a constant headache that lurked in the background,  I ignored the signs.

What did I do instead of trying to fix the headache problem?  I had a stab and grab:  Surgery where the local anesthetic feels like the last stages of childbirth and I was on a rubber donut for 2 weeks while scrambling to get the job ready for the next person who is going to be doing it.

Then the day before I was to leave for the family gathering, my head on the left side felt as if it was going to pop open at a minute.  I kept waiting for the weak spot to give way and empty the insides out of  the balloon that had replaced my head.  With a little TLC from hubby, that went away, so I thought the worst of it was over.

Yesterday included a trip to Urgent Care.  The first thing the doctor wanted to do was look inside my eye with a light.  I made it abundantly clear that was NEVER going to happen.  It’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to have an experts letter (professor of ophthalmology at a prestigious university) stating why it’s a very, very bad idea to do that..

Two injections later, and a pill around 3 in the morning, I’m ready to go to Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral in a few minutes.  

Will the headache come back.  Yes.  It’s been pushing at the peripheries of my neck and head.  

Will I let that stop me from enjoying Thanksgiving dinner?  



There’s a pill for that ☺