Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: measuring #cats


Coon Cat:  Mom is at it…again.

Other Brother Coon Cat:  Just when we think she can’t humiliate us further…

CC (sighs): …she pulls out a tape measure.

OBCC:  She lifted my tail up.  I ignored it.  She touched me with the tape worm thingy from my butt to my nose and says, “39 inches.”  

CC:  She did the same thing from thigh to thigh and said, “a foot.”  She doesn’t know the difference between a foot and a butt?

OBCC:  Then she uses the eye with the blinding light on us.

CC (with a great deal of umbrage):  It’s called a camera.

OBCC:  I don’t care what it’s called!  That human is crazy!  We still live here, so what does that make us?”

CC:  Cats.


©Joelle LeGendre