#tanka : Punctuated Change


Social media, and many of the blogs I’ve read since the US election, express sentiments that range from terror to the desire for revolution — not from the “right” of our political bell curve, but from the “left.”

Some riot in the streets, destroying their own neighborhoods in protest.

Others, barren of hope, sit around wondering, “How could this happen?”  Eight years ago, that person was me.

Consider the forces of nature.

Damming a river lasts only as long as the infrastructure is able to hold back a force of nature that quietly endures until its mass exceeds the dams ability to hold it.

Building a dam and attempting to carve out a Utopia near the drizzle that was once a thriving river is nothing short of suicide.  For when the dam bursts and the survivors shout, “How did this happen?”  The ones who built on a flood plain have only to look in the mirror for the answer.

Left or right, up or down, atheist or spiritual, science or religion…does it matter? Each side has tried to dam the emotions, thoughts and beliefs of another without considering the consequences.

As we strive to rid our country of rules, regulations, policies, and laws that have stifled the free market, forced freedom of speech indoors, eroded our 2nd amendment rights, and tried to make illegal search and seizure look normal; change may be refreshing for some and uncomfortable for others.  

I urge all sides to practice a bit of self-reflection. 

I wish people would understand that two wrongs don’t make a right.  Just because the left calls the right “a basket of deplorables,” “uneducated,” “racist,” “sexist” and “homophobic,” doesn’t make it okay to retaliate.  

All retaliation does is to create a vicious cycle.  As we’ve seen from this election, being silent is not the same as acquiescence.  Pressure builds behind the dam of repression until that dam eventually breaks.   

Find the calm within and teach your children to do the same. That’s how we learn to weather the storms.