#amwriting Carrot Ranch #flashfiction challenge November 2 #prompt: Flying Monkeys

From: discovergalapagos.com Squirrel monkey traveling from one tree to another.

Learn about the November 2 Flash Fiction Challenge Prompt:  “In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using flying monkeys as a device or phrase. As a phrase it can be something like, “When monkeys fly over Grandma’s tea party.” As a device, you can use flying monkeys as characters (a circus act, astronaut companions, zoo critters). Think of what they are doing and why. How can flying monkeys inspire you this week?”

There are flying monkeys that soar from one tree to another, and flying squirrels that glide through the air.  A species has to aim toward flight long before it actually gets there, but it only took dinosaurs around 10 million years to turn into birds.  

Before you start to laugh, remember that the galaxy is over thirteen billion years old.  As a comparison, if you lived to be 1300, it would’ve taken 1 year of your life for dinosaurs to turn into birds.  

I, for one, am not looking forward to running from flying giraffes, cheetahs, badgers or platypuses.