#amwriting using the #SoCS #Prompt: ho

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(I’m in a somber mood tonight.  The air is thick with anger as a nation divided has to choose between 2 diametrically opposed cultures; national sovereignty or globalism.)

Honesty and honor?

Hornets nests hover over a nation darkened by deceit, dishonor, mass surveillance, militarized police and politicians whoring for power.  That’s what I think of when I’m asked to use the 2 letters h and o together and come up with a stream of consciousness.

My parents lived through WWII and died believing that a their handshake meant more than a contract.  They raised their children in a 3 bedroom one bath home smaller than most people’s living room and family rooms combined.  There were two lies they told us — no, 3– in our lifetime; that there was an Easter Bunny, Santa Clause and a Tooth Fairy.

I could walk home in the dark at the age of 10, but by the age of 17, never again.  The last time I visited the home that my parents sold when I was 23, all the trees had been paved over, the windows made smaller with bars on them.  The quiet neighborhood  that had once had one fenced in home in the entire block, was a riddle of fences, and the homes near derelict, just like our society has become.

You might not agree with my assessment, but that’s all right.  The only constant in life is change.  I just wished we’d chosen the better path.