#amwriting using the #SoCS #Prompt: Screen

Saturday Stream of Consciousness is upon us once again.

It’s midnight, the fan is running, and I’m freezing.  I’m at the computer wearing my fifty cent flip-flops, black socks, and a loose knit dress that I found on sale at Blair.com for $7.  No, I don’t wear it as a dress, it makes a great nightgown.

What is a Florida woman doing with a fan on and nothing but a screen between the world and her body?  It’s simple:  I’m just too D@#%ed lazy to turn it off.

I’ll be in bed soon, with a 68 pound dog on one side and the dingo mutt snuggled next to me under the covers.  A better heating system you’ll never find.  If I don’t open up the sheet for him, he nuzzles my hand until I do. It’s the only way he’ll allow me to sleep when the temperature goes under 70 degrees F.  Did I mention he was born in Florida, too?

I’ll leave you with a haiku:

Dog undercover

bringing with him lots of sand

Won’t need the Sandman.