Matthew arrives tonight

Hurricane Matthew

From (Weather Underground)

Notice the little red dot in the picture above?  My home is about 35 miles east of it.

In case you’re not following the hurricane, this is what it looked like at 5:00 pm Eastern time:  

Hurricane Matthew

We’re in line to get the ugly reddish, purplish, pukey blob on the top left.

 The forecasts go from 30 – 50 MPH winds all the way up to 90 MPH winds with 100% rain (as if there were any doubt).

Traffic going toward the center of the state is so heavy I thought I was in Jacksonville — except that we have a LOT more trees.  Then my son called to say that the population of Georgia just increased by 2 million people, all fleeing Matthew’s visit.

Windows are shuttered, we have gallons of water, and I’m finishing up the last of the wash before Matthew knocks on our front door.  

  • The best case scenario is that this stormy drama is overblown.  
  • Worst case is that we’ll be without power for a week.

If I don’t post for a few days, you’ll know why.

I don’t have any new pictures of the storm yet, and since it’s coming after dark, I doubt I’ll have anything but blackness or light bulb flashes  to show for it.

After calling and calling Coon Cat, I gave in and opened a can of cat food.  That’s gets him inside every time.  

At present, this is how concerned OBCC is over a mere hurricane:


He’ll probably be laying across my face when the winds start to howl.