People who stand by their products

I had to take a few minutes away from work to share this moment.

Fresh Medjool Dates from the 7HOTDATES Organically Grown by the Bautista Family

From that Bautista Dates website

PREFACE: (This isn’t a book, so I’ll have a preface if I want one)

  • A year ago I bought a Hotpoint washer (made by GE).  I found out that the rinse cycle had only 3 inches of water when it tore up my towels.  The company said the washer was made according to government mandate.  They wouldn’t take it back.  I can’t imagine how a poor person who can’t work around the problem bears such an expense.
  • In April, I purchased a monthly subscription to Nitro Pro.  I was told by customer service that I had to pay for the entire year but that I could get a refund when I no longer needed the product.  They lied.

It’s like I’m just a penny swept up from the floor and caught in a dust pan,  not worth enough to remove before throwing the debris into the trash.

You can see why I’m skeptical of purchasing anything.   My litmus test for tolerance is this:  If it costs more than a bad meal, it’s worth fighting for a refund.


I’ve ordered dates from Bautista a few times.  

This is the first paragraph on their website:

“The Bautista Family welcomes you to 7HOTDATES, your lifeline for seven stunning and unique varieties of fresh organic dates grown in Mecca, California on the shores of the Salton Sea.”

You can imagine that 5 pounds of organic dates shipped across country cannot be cheap, but Bautista dates are well worth the price.  It’s enough dates to last 3 months so the cost averages out to about $20 per month. That, dear readers, is about 1/3 of my monthly grocery expenses.   Did I mention that my income is near the poverty line?
Well, I ordered another 5 pound box of dates a week ago, but this time I decided to try the wet pack and not the firm pack (yes, I know the jokes one can make with that). When the dates arrived, the box was half full and the dates were so mushy I was afraid to eat them.  
When I wrote to Bautista Dates about it I didn’t expect this reply:
Good Morning,
I’m sorry to hear that your order did not make it in good condition.
It is common that the wet packed sometimes are delivered in this condition.
I will be happy to replace the damage ones the firm-packed medjools.
I was stunned!!!!   People with integrity who stand by their product?
I wrote back:  It looked like half of it was missing and most of  what arrived was damaged.”
I received this reply:  “I will resend your order.”
This is the reply I sent to Bautista dates:  As long as I can afford to purchase dates, I’ll buy them from Bautista.  It means a lot to know there are still people who stand by their products and whose word I can trust.
This is a salute to ethical businesses.
But it is also a warning to those who are not.
A message to Nitro Pro, GE, Hotpoint, and all those companies who sold a substandard product or didn’t keep their word.  REMEMBER:   Not only do you lose customers when you cheat them, they write posts about it to warn others!  
In this case; 5,900 others.
Imagine what happens to unethical businesses if 100 friends warn their friends, and those friends warn other friends:
It’s like a penny doubled each day.