Stream of Consciousness Saturday post #SoCS Oct. 1, 2016: awkward


I’m trying another writer’s prompt.  Here are the rules in a nutshell:  Stream of consciousness, no editing (except that typos can be fixed), there’s a prompt every week and do a pingback or put your link in reply.

My first ever stream of consciousness that isn’t a conversation is below.


Oh, man!  This is awkward! My entire life is a string of awkward moments held together by the luck of the Irish and an innate sense of never knowing what the hell is going on around me.  That has saved my life more than once.  A former gang member held a razor blade to my throat and I said, “Try not to get blood on my blouse, I just bought it.”  Or something like that.  At the time I knew nothing about gangs or why anyone would want to put a razor blade to someone’s  throat just because she can be an infuriating pain in the butt.  But after my first husband pointed a loaded 30.06  at me I understood that maybe I was keeping the wrong company.

There is not enough time, not enough paper, and not enough letters in the alphabet…   Strike that alphabet part,  There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to make a 10,000 page book interesting enough to read.  Or maybe I just don’t want to be that embarrassed.