#WQWWC – #Writer’s Quote Wednesday #Writing Challenge – “Farewell”

inspiring farewell quotes

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Every second of our lives we say farewell.  It flows past us like the air we breathe on a calm, ordinary day.  We travel to work 5000 times, spend the day making a living, never remembering each and every farewell as night swallows the sun.

On our 40th birthday we may look back at our lives and say, “Where did the time go?”

On our 50th birthday we may be heard to say, “What have I done with my life that’s meaningful?”

By our 60th birthday, we look back at the memories we still retain and ask, “What makes my life worth living?”

“Farewell” is reserved for moments, good or bad, when the cosmic door closes off a calm, ordinary part of life you once took for granted.  

With each farewell comes possibility.  

With each possibility, the next chapter might lead to one memory that makes you smile when you blow out the 2 candles that say 6 5.

Be the rarity, a sparkle of light still shining.  Get on that swing next to your great grandchild and announce on your 70th birthday, “Life is indeed worth living.”

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