#amwriting about #Bloggers #Blogging etiquette?


My cats think that it is not good blogging etiquette to post so many pictures of them.  

Tough.  They’ll just have to live with it…and their treats…and their perpetually filled food bowl…and…

…but I digress.

My first 2 years as a blogger, I made so many mistakes they’re too numerous to list here.  Among them were:

  1.  UPDATE:  Bernadette just added what I think needs to be number one on the list.  (Instead of complaining about a post or being negative) “I would add that it is good form to help each other.”
  2. Failing to understand that bloggers can edit your comments on their site.  It’s a necessary feature you can use to edit out hard-core curse words or eliminate s#@mmers that found a way to get through.  But it can be misused.  (I learned about it when one of my light-hearted replies were “re-imagined” in a sexually explicit and humiliating way). 
  3. Writing a reply longer than the other blogger’s post.  (Guilty as charged — on too many counts).
  4. Adding a link to your blog on another blogger’s post without being invited to do so. 
  5. Becoming embroiled in a political battle in the reply section.
  6. Hashtag overuse (see title)
  7. Posting pictures entirely unrelated to the subject matter, no matter how funny it might seem. (see image above)

I doubt I’ll ever understand the entirety of my faux pas and may never know what gaffe’s and goof’s I’ve made.   

What advice-in-a-nutshell would you give to new bloggers?