What do size 16, size 8 and size 6 have in common? Too much.

My monthly contribution to the Nudge Wink Report for August. I’m not the only one writing comic-tary. Check it out. 🙂

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****))))SPECIAL REPORT((((****

So special, it took 10 minutes of research today instead of the usual 5.

Size matters!

This is a picture of me walking the son.  I wore size 10 in 1978.

July 1978 size 10.jpg

This is a picture of me in Morocco with my daughter.  I was wearing a size 6 in 2004. 

Half blind author and daughter.jpg

Do I look any bigger in the first picture than in the second?

The answer is a resounding NO!!! (Except for the breasts.  Nursing makes your breasts bigger)

Anyway, I was 36-26-35 when the first picture was taken and 34 ½-25-35 in the second picture. 

In case you’re wondering, I just measured myself.  I’m 35-30-35 1/2.  That’s because I ate a sandwich on Dave’s Seed Bread (it’s to die for!) and it caused my waist to expand 4 inches.  It’s called Gastroparesis, and…!NO!…I don’t care if it feels like I have a piece…

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