Dark and stormy #haiku

Hurricane Hermine

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One window closes,

another one is opened,

weathering the storm

Please excuse my terrible haiku.  Or not.

I’ll probably be up in the middle of this dark and stormy night — if the rain and wind are hard enough — closing one window so that I can open another on the opposite side of the house.  

Maybe we’ll have very little rain and wind, or half my bedroom might need soap added to take advantage of all that free wash water. 

The worst of the storm is hitting northwest of us about 100 miles away and we’re getting the rain bands to the east.  I won’t know how much rain, or how hard it’s going to come down, until the wretched #($*%# thing arrives at my doorstep.

When you consider the choices of death by Mother Nature, I’d rather take my chances weathering hurricanes and tropical storms.  They give you plenty of warning. Earthquakes and tornadoes aren’t as polite.