family3 meme

I find that cats and dogs provide me with an endless supply of entertainment and humor.  But I always keep a roll of paper towels around for instant clean-up.

Dingo Mutt:  There’s a cat eating grass next to us.

Fat White Dog:  So?

Dingo Mutt:  He thinks he’s a dog.

Fat White Dog:  Munch…munch…munch.  Stop staring at me!  

Dingo Mutt:  (Turns toward the offending feline)   You’re eating our grass!

Other Brother Coon Cat(OBCC):  MeArf?

Fat White Dog:  (Incredulous look)  That’s sick! Just, plain SICK!  

OBCC:  (licking at his stomach)  Me…Ow!  Me…Ow!  (Rushes into the house)

Fat White Dog:  Finally!  We don’t have to put up with that disgusting creature retching his guts out!

Dingo Mutt:   You’re all talk!  I’m the one who has to lick up the mess he makes.

Fat White Dog:  You know I prefer the stuff that comes out of the other end.

Dingo Mutt:  I hate picky eaters.