I woke up at 11:30pm after 2 full hours of sleep, craving dates.

No, not the kind you do on a Saturday night, the kind that look like Florida roaches without the legs.

If dates were all I craved,  that might be tolerably acceptable.  But curried eggs, too?  I made those yesterday.  Here’s the lame recipe:

  • boil a dozen eggs
  • mash up the yolks with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp curry powder (depending upon how much you like curry).
  • mix with mayonnaise to make it creamy but still able to hold form
  • spoon yolk into egg white).

That’s sick…just…SICK!

No, not the recipe, what’s sick is waking up at 30 minutes to midnight wanting to put dates and curried eggs into the same stomach.

All right.  I agree.   This is a great example of a trivial 1st world problem.  If you want I can talk about modern day slavery or why our country is headed for a disaster of Biblical proportions.  I tried that on Facebook and what did I get?  

Pictures of puppies being petted.

Here, have a picture of the way I see my dog when the lights are off and I don’t have my glasses on, and sometimes when I do:


If you had my eyesight, you’d be more than a little weird, too.