Playing with words

just one of the dogs

Just one of the dogs

I don’t like hard-core curse words. I swore if I heard, “That’s a 4-letter word!” one more time I’d write a post about it.
Yes…I know… 
Love.   A 4-letter word.
Hope. Another 4-letter word.
Care.   Yep, another 4-letter word.
The number of 4-letter words in the English language exceeds 5,000.  That is a conservative estimate.
It’s not the number of letters, it’s the letters we choose to use when we create our words and how we string them together.
  • Evil, vile, live, veil.
  • Santa, Satan.
  • Care, race.
Emotions flow through us to match our experiences…and our expectations.
How about a few words that play with our expectations?
“Satan snorted at him,” the rancher said. “The thief crapped his pants and dropped his tools when the barbed wire tore a hole in his crotch.”
“That’s a lot of bull,” I replied, petting 2000 pounds of beef that just wanted me to scratch behind his ear.
“He thinks he’s one of the dogs,” the rancher said with a scowl. “If that thing sit’s in your lap, his butt‘s gonna be the last thing you see. My husband wants to sell…”
“I thought you said he was a pet?”
“Don’t jump on me before I have a chance to finish,” she frowned. “Bruno wants to sell Satan’s sperm. Who in their right mind wants a ranch full of doggie-bulls that just want to be petted? Do you know how much it costs to feed this D@&ned thing?”
Then why did you name him Satan?”
“Ever heard of a bull named Happy?” she asked, giving me that angry-mom glare.  “Bulls are named Satan, Beelzebub, Demon, Lucifer…”
Mind if I take the perp to the station, Mrs. Love?”  I asked politely.  “He won’t stop screaming.”
“Sure thing Jesus,”  she smirked.  “Tell Maria I said hello.
“Where did you meet my mother?”  I gasped.
“Your mama sits next to me at mass,”  she said with a wry smile.  
4-letter words.  Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, there are times when you can’t understand how the H-E-double L they manage to live with each other, and they don’t have to be hard core to scare the poop out of you. 
Perception is the problem, and that’s no 4-letter word.  🙂