Writer’s Quote Wednesday #Writing Challenge Theme-“Miracle” #WQWWC

From Wikipedia.com


Description of humans from the vantage point of an alien lifeform:

 “ugly bags of mostly water.”

(Home Soil — 18th episode, Star Trek:  The Next Generation.)

Miracles walk, fly, crawl, burrow, and swim all around us.  The Earth, Moon and Sun, the universe are miracles.  Who among us can understand the definition of “eternity,” or “infinity?”  Forever is just a word used to describe a concept that we have as much hope of visualizing as a dog has of learning algebra.   

Yes, we can use mathematics to show why a dog can jump, but as of yet we can’t agree upon why there is a universe where planets revolve around suns, why dogs exist, and why cats know when to jump onto our laps at the worst possible moment. 

Our bodies consist of six elements, with less than 1% of another 5: potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. How does this ugly bag of mostly water still love a cat that has just planted his claws into our thighs, and have the capacity to continue loving and caring for such a creature?

How did this ugly bag of mostly water manage to learn how to walk, talk, swim, build cities, cars and airplanes?  How did we crawl out of the caves and into hospital surgical rooms that take a heart from the recently deceased to transplant into a living host.  How did we develop a 3D printer that will soon be able to create a new heart?

Yes, miracles are happening around us every second of every day, we simply fail to recognize them.