A leisurely #haiku

Image from: ellopos.org


Perpetual work,

rivers endlessly flowing,

ignoring flowers.





It’s one of those day’s where I’m so busy should-ing on myself that I don’t have the energy to do anything productive.

I should:

  • finish putting my mom’s picture albums into 2-gallon zip-lock bags.
  • wash the bathroom rugs.
  • print out the last draft that I just completed on book number 9.
  • go through the precariously balanced stack of papers on my desk and put all the political ads into the overflowing pile for shredding.
  • shred…

Instead, I’m writing a post.  Then I’ll go outside, hover my nose an inch above a 4-o’clock and take in a VERY deep breath.


After that, I’m going to visit my SIL for a leisurely game of scrabble.

The work will just have to wait another day.

I think you get the picture.