Word Rant


All right.  It’s time for a rant!

I’m tired of perfectly good words being hijacked to mean something bad.

Discriminate:  When you are able to discriminate between good and bad, you choose the salad instead of the potato chips.

Race:   It used to mean that you competed in each field and honored the one with the best skills. You learned what you were good at when you were 9 and not the hard way at 29.   A race to see who wins has been replaced by the ubiquitous Participation Award and a dumbed-down education. 

Whatever:  A word useful for relaying the sentiment, “I don’t give a S#!t” without using a curse word.

You’re wondering, “how can one  turn the word “whatever” into something hate filled?

WHATEVER is a word that contains hate without containing malice.

Don’t you see the hate inside it?  


It’s been right there in front of our faces all this time.  If we can ruin the meanings of words like race and discrimination, surely we can find a way to ROYALLY SCREW UP the word WHATEVER!