FRIDAY #FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #33-Favorite Food

Pondering with Food

Under a canopy of oak, chinaberry, pine and spruce that surround my house, I ponder people’s lack of logic as I eat my favorite food, organic Halawy dates.  Why do people want to change a perfectly good environment and force into my humble little county all the things they professed to be running away from when they moved here?

kitty tummy

It’s a balmy 99 degrees in North Florida, and we have another 3 glorious days of the same in our future.  Sitting in my office chair wearing a thin cotton nightgown, there’s a fan in the window, one at my feet, and a fan on a stand that oscillates.  Not that I, personally, need all those fans.  With a coon cat lying on my feet, the Dingo Dog next to him, and Fat White Dog hogging all the air from the floor fan, the 2 dogs on my bed think the oscillator feels terrific.  

I love summer, and despise that scourge of modern society called air conditioning.  If you can’t acclimate to the weather then move someplace else.  Do you know how many people visit Dizzy World in the winter, think Florida is great, and decide to move down here solely based on the December weather? 

Too many. 

Then they bulldoze all the indigenous trees off their lot, build a house with one small window for each room, plant trees from the north that they love, and wonder why it’s hot in summer, cold in winter, and all their #*$^%!@ trees that don’t belong here, either, have died.  To make matters worse, they’re the same ones who want a carbon tax and scream, “We have to do something about the environment!”

D@mned hypocrites!  You can’t profess to protect the environment and run your air conditioning at 50F for 9 months out of the year.  Coal, oil and uranium don’t grow on trees, you know. grown in the desert

Unless someone knocks me out and keeps me perpetually comatose, I’m not moving up north.  Were I allowed to remain conscious, I’d complain about the snow, rail at the cold, and run a heater for 10 months out of the year.   If die-hard Floridians are considerate enough not to move up there, why should we have to put up with northerners who can’t stand the heat?

And don’t get me started on politics!  How many times in the history of the world do we have to try centralized government or socialism and watch it fail for the same reasons over and over again?  Isn’t that the definition of insanity; trying to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?

Excuse me while I enjoy a few more caramelly, chewily delicious dates and spit the pits into my yard.  I’m trying to grow date palms but haven’t had any luck.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out why.