Ask George Washington

My contribution to the Nudge Wink report for the month. 🙂

nudge. wink. report.

))))****SPECIAL REPORT****((((

I did it!   

I found the reincarnation of George Washington!

It wasn’t easy. I had to leave my central air, overstuffed couch, 60 inch screen, and French onion potato chips for a grueling 3 hour flight in coach class.  Then I had to sit in the desert with 20 other people while I swallowed Ayahuasca…

…and smoked a lot of weed so that when the snake appeared to answer my question I wouldn’t freak out.


Did you know that a snake can smile?  Not a pretty sight, let me tell you.  But it helped to have unicorns hopping around in back of him singing, “My Way” while rainbows glittered in my eyes.


Anyway, that’s enough background information.  For now.

Ends up, that old George now sits at the right hand of the Dalai Lama.  Sort of.  I read in the

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