It’s fun to annoy the human


My dogs are presently holding a barkathon.  

They barketh on and on and on until the human is up at 2 in the morning.

I yawn, and they’re off again, running out the doggie door to bark at their imagination.

With nothing left for the human to do but write on her blog, the cat nudges a plastic bottle of treats into my lap.

He gives me that “you know what I want” stare.

Yes, the cat gets his treat.  I treasure that 30 seconds of typing time.  

Now for the tag-team competition.  

 The Fat White Dog yells a giant whopping


out of nowhere

…and she scores as the human jumps 5 inches off her chair!

The cat takes that opportunity to slink in front of the computer screen and has to be physically removed.

Looks like we’re in the sulking phase of this contest.  Coon Cat faces away from the human, flipping his tail over the hand that controls the computer mouse, ending this competition with a well-placed flip of the foot.   His timing is impeccable!  


Fat White Dog has taken the lead in the snoring contest.  I think she’s exceeded  the sound of a chain saw by several decibels.

They’re exhausted from tonight’s round of “Annoy The Human.”  I’ll try sleeping…again.  I’m so tired, I think I’m at that point where tiny aliens with rectal probes couldn’t wake me up.