A bit of feel-good in a tear-down world


Forget the labels,

ignore the failures who tear down your work hoping you will fail, too.

 This can be said for any artistic endeavor.

When the square pegs that try to stuff you into their hole tell you the many reasons why you’ll never be a best-selling writer/composer/artist, smile and say, “I (write/compose/paint) for the love of it, and that’s enough for me.”  

It’s hard to refute happiness just for the fun of it.   🙂

Who knows what the future holds…

  • Shakespeare almost ended up in obscurity until he received some post-mortem help from a few friends.
  • Debussy was threatened with expulsion from his school of music for his compositions.  He was the wild-child of his time.
  • Vincent Van Gogh didn’t become famous until after his death.  Today, his paintings are worth millions.

People who were never considered artistic geniuses in their lifetimes can end up to be the icons remembered for centuries while their more popular counterparts end up in the File 13 of obscurity.

So go forth and write that novel, compose a song, complete a piece of artwork that speaks to you no matter what others may say!  You’ll meet new friends and find that the journey toward your self-expression is where happiness begins.

While the square pegs are still staring at the ceiling, believing they’re thinking outside the box, you’ve crawled out of their delusion and into a world where freedom begins.