#dreams that give me a headache


orneryI’m being lazy this morning.  I posted this on Facebook because it was the first place that popped up when I opened my browser.


Okay, so last night I had this dream that I was washing a fuel line and gas cans in the washer when the magic marker I was holding in my hand wrote MMM on some extraordinarily handsome guy’s plastic couch while he was lecturing to 10 of us about messes or money or matter or….


So I asked, “Is this anything like the number 42?”

He smiled and said nothing.

I’m wondering if this is the way cults begin. You’re given the “3 sacred letters. ” You have to figure out what they mean, so you start to frantically write out the possibilities:

Military might matters
Moderation means more
Meditation matters most
Men may marry
Mice make messes
Ms. means Mrs.
Miss means Ms.
…….or is it……
Minuscule military matters
Moderation makes messes
Meditation might mislead

Each thinks their own belief is the correct one.

Excuse me while I rush to the temporal laundry room. I think the fuel lines have been in the dryer long enough. The clunking is giving me a left brain headache.