FRIDAY #FICTION with RONOVAN WRITES Prompt Challenge #30-Favorite Song

©Joelle LeGendre

I’m not in a fictiony mood right now.  As I mentioned to another blogger recently, who wants to think outside the box when you can think outside of reality?

I’m sitting at the computer trying to remember if I have a favorite song. There are 2 that I truly hate; one of them is “Killing me softly with his song,” and the second one is anything Rap (music for the tone deaf) but I know that doesn’t count.

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey when Broadway musicals were turned into hit movies…like Funny Girl.  Does a favorite musical count?  Is there anyone in the universe who hasn’t laughed when Barbra turns to the side, a pillow stuffed under her dress and sings, “I’m the beautiful reflection of my own true loves affection?”

hills alive



I used to love “My Favorite Things,” but now when I think about the song, all I can see is this.  It’s a real mood killer.

Slinging nuns aside, there is one song that seems to soar above the rest, not because it’s beautiful, or because of its grandeur.  This song is my favorite because I have passed it along to my children and my grandchildren.  



I’ll share with you the words to this incredible masterpiece:

“Grandma’s in the Cellar.”

Grandma’s in the cellar, Lordy can’t you smell her

making biscuits on the durned old dirty stove.

And her eye is full of matter that keep dripping in the batter

All the while the snot runs down her nose

Down her nose.  Down her nose.  

All the while the snot runs down her nose

and her eye is full of matter that keeps dripping in the batter

All the while the snot runs down her noooooooze.

All of a sudden I feel like having biscuits and gravy.  Anyone care to join me?