A bit of advice for new #bloggers

1969 future editor writer

Can you guess which one was destined to be an editor, and which one was destined to be a writer? I mean….really? How hard can this be?

What every new blogger should know:

1.    Moderate the comments of new readers.  There are many supportive bloggers out there and very few who aren’t.  But eventually a troll will find you. 

2.    Ignore the trolls.  They’re not worth the energy it takes to feed their lust for dissention.

3.    If you started a blog to help sell your book, so did several million other people.  Write for the sheer joy of it and add in a shameless promotion once in a while.

4.    After you choose to follow 50 people, there will be days you don’t have time to read that many posts.  It’s all right to show your support and appreciation by hitting the like button and moving on to the next one.  We’ve all had to do it at least once.

5.    When you’ve published for the 1000th time, you’ll re-read your first post and be appalled at what you wrote.  Look at how far you’ve traveled on your journey as a blogger instead of asking yourself, “Why did I think anyone would want to read this S#!T?” 

6.    If you want more than 10 people to like your stuff after your first 2 years of blogging, search topics that interest you.  Don’t just “like” the page and go on.  Reply.  Get to know us.  We’ll stay with you when you post a political statement we might not like, and we’ll wait for the next meme, poem, photo, or essay that interests us.

7.    You will never, in your entire life, find more like minds, more support for your blogging habit, and more amazing people than bloggers.  If you’re fortunate, you’ll meet a few.  They’re just as incredible in person as they were when you met them in the blog-o-sphere.