#Writers Quote Wednesday #Writing Challenge – “Adventure” #WQWWC


© 2016 Joelle LeGendre

Don Quix-Bobby retired near Palm Springs where there is a windmill erected for everyone who has ever fought their share of delusional battles.

You’d be crazy, too, if you had a younger sister bouncing around like a Mexican Jumping bean on turbo-charge when you were growing up.  Even now, her sister is constantly buzzing around her like a fly in her face asking, “Be my editor…be my editor…be my editor…”

Was it only 1991, when her younger sister’s children were 12 and 14, that Aunt Bobby asked if she could take the kids on a little trip to Mexico?

“Mexico!”  Her sister yelled.  “Don’t you dare!  There are bandits looking for people to kill!”

Having traveled to Chad, Angola, Saudi Arabia, China and Switzerland, Aunt Bobby wanted to instill the travel bug into her niece and nephew, too.  So she ever so quietly drove her tiny Toyota over the border and said, “Shhh.  Don’t tell your mother.” 

How exciting to ride the back roads, looking at the desert, defying the mom…

…having 3 hearts jump out of their bodies when the car died, and steam started coming out of the front of it.

As luck would have it, a short stranger came upon the 3 helpless ones and offered to tow the Toyota to his small town.  What new and amazing smells they discovered! 

“Aunt Bobby,”  her niece said softly.  “I don’t like this place.  I want to go home.”

“See that horse trough?”  Aunt Bobby asked.  


“See that metal thing in the horse trough?” 


“That’s my radiator,” Aunt Bobby said with a smile.  “we’re not going anywhere until it’s fixed, but I do have  a job for you.” 

Aunt Bobby stationed one child in the driver’s seat, the other one on the passenger’s side, to kick at the chickens trying to get into the car.

 Meanwhile, unknown to Aunt Bobby, her 14-year-old nephew was eagerly filling his sister with stories about vampire chickens.

“Aunt Bobby!  My brother’s scaring me!”  she said.

Predictably, Aunt Bobby offered up her favorite reply, “It’s an adventure!”

“Then you come over here and kick at the vampire chickens!”

The ride back was somber; the 2 children aware their mother was right.  Again, Aunt Bobby tortured warned advised the kids not to tell mom where they had been.  First thing, her 12-year-old niece seized the phone and yelled, “Mom!  Guess what?  The car broke down in Mexico and we kicked chickens.”

The words heard a block away blaring out of the telephone were, “What the  %^*th&*$&#^$*  %*$&#^  $(#%@!.  I told you not to #u%*$^ go there!!!!”

“It’s an adventure,”  Aunt Bobby said.

“Not if you’re all dead!  It’s called a funeral, and I don’t want to go there, either!”

Although Aunt Bobby’s younger sister never forgave her for putting her only children in danger, Aunt Bobby paid the ultimate price.  When the youngest child attended college, she lived with Aunt Bobby and taught her the true meaning of the word, “hellion.”

What, you might ask, was her niece’s favorite phrase?

“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”