Hugh’s Weekly #Photo Challenge: Week 27 – ‘Vintage’


1.Vintage is in the mind of the be-older.

Photograph a vintage item?  There are so many in my house, I don’t know where to begin.  I was doing my once-a-year cleaning the other day and found a Polaroid camera from 1978.  

Did you know that baby leashes were available back then?  I think I still have that green shirt stuffed in a drawer somewhere.

July 1978 Rober age 2 on baby leash

You might notice the reddish “quality” to the picture.  For a few years, all photos were developed using a “revolutionary” technique.  That version of new-and-improved was abandoned when the pictures faded into a sick shade of senna a year later.  People were truly revolted. 

2.    There’s vintage, and then there’s “age of the dinosaurs.”

My mother has old post cards in photo albums.

That would’ve been quite enough, thank you, but mom pointed cameras at my sister and I quite often.  She’d take the finished roll out of her camera and put it into a “get your photos processed with us” envelope stuck inside the Sunday paper. A few weeks later the pictures and negatives arrived in our mailbox.

I am so very, very thankful that she didn’t have access to a digital camera and a computer.  Instead of 100 albums, I’d be slogging through 1000. 

Below is a picture of my mother and two of her brothers around 1918, just in time for the Swine Flu Epidemic:

Alberta and bros

She liked to collect old post cards.  Here are 2 from Galveston, Texas, 1937:


There are so many pictures to choose from!  Hope you enjoyed this jaunt down memory lane.