#Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Freedom”


All right!  I admit it!  I cheated!  I just made up that quote using a picture of the woods in front of my house.  

Or maybe it was the back of my house, or maybe…  

Look…this is the view from the front of my house. You tell ME where I took the picture.

front view

…anyway, I live in the country and the trees have never complained that the dogs bark too loudly, or that they don’t like giant dog house.

Dog House

Trees don’t care if I’m listening to Alex Jones, Mother Jones or Tom Jones; nor do they care if I’m sitting at my desk writing books in the same night shirt that I’ve worn for the past 2 days, or if I’m wearing Queen Elizabeth’s tiara.

I like opening my windows and seeing this:

cat window 

No, I don’t know who the ghost is, but it didn’t wake up my cat, so it’s all good.  

Now, the ghost in the house on the other side of the block, he doesn’t like city folks much.  He’s run more than a few of them back to the code-enforcement infested jungles they came from.  That includes the crack-heads, squatters, and party animals that have filtered through a place that was bought as a rental property for around $18,000 about 15 years ago.

Once, I asked a renter how much she was paying.  $700.00 a month.  

What?  This thing has one bathroom, and 3 bedrooms the size of a walk-in closet!  I’m not aware enough to talk to ghosts, but the one in the house rented by these clueless people has never bothered us.  

HOWEVER, I really do wish my dogs would stop barking at the UFO’s. Why aliens think it’s all right to fly over a house at 2 in the morning, I’ll never know.

Fortunately, I’ve never been abducted, either.  After reading this post, there’s probably no doubt in your mind as to why…

…not even the aliens want me.