What I (don’t) know about #writing

Here are a few dingleberrys nuggets of wisdom that every new writer needs to know:

  1. A writer lives to write.  Period.  If you write for any other reason, please do everyone a favor and get a prescription for Prozac immediately.
  2. If deadlines are your constant companions, they’re not compatible with cats.
  3. Writing is easy.  Accepting constructive criticism makes you a better writer.  But the reaction you have after your editor says you must remove your favorite chapter?  That’s God’s way of telling you that you have not yet learned to forgive.
  4. Not everyone is going to like your book.  As an example, my book is fun to read…who wouldn’t like it?  I was in Wal-Mart’s vegetable section when a friend told me she couldn’t read past the first sex scene.
  5. There are over 29 million books on Amazon.  For my first book, I chose to do my own marketing.  It’s like trying to do surgery on yourself.  Sure, a few people can do it, but most of us are better off finding someone with the expertise to do it RIGHT.
  6. Be cautious.  There are as many scams for writers as there are for investors.
  7. If you DO write a best seller, remember that the writers who write for the “write” reason are cheering for you. 

There you have it, a few things to remember if you’re serious about writing.  Excuse me while I get the kitty treats to lure the cat away from the computer screen.