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Flash in a Flash – #Writespiration 89

Here are the rules:  “Set a timer, set it for 120 seconds and when and ONLY when you are ready to do the challenge…”

It’s not as easy as it sounds

From: eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com

“I have one life to live,” I told Dr. Johnly.  

“Not really,” She said, looking at her nails as if she were bored with it all.

“Why would you say that?”

“I can tell you for a fact that once you’re here, you’re stuck here until you make right what you did wrong.”

“But I believe in heaven and hell.”

“I left 2 husbands, giving both 2 children each that were raised in private boarding schools.  I used my 4 children to take as much from my husbands as possible and lived in the house of my dreams.  I believed that once I died, that was it.”

A nurse ran into my room, wide eyed, standing next to the doctor.

“Dr. Johnly was…it was so horrible,” She said, her hands trembling.  “One of her ex’s just dispatched her with a blowtorch! Mr. Gonzalez…Mr. Gonzalez.  Code blue… “