Tarot #humor

From awentree.com

Once upon a time, I used to read Tarot cards.  It’s not that I was particularly good at knowing what each card meant; I’d look at the spread, look at the person, and the answers were in my head.

I stopped doing it for a decade, then went back because a few people begged asked me for readings.  

But I’m not as good at it as I was before.

My best readings are the ones for people I don’t know.  The worst readings are the ones I do for myself.  It’s a lot like trying to see the entirety of your body when you don’t have the right equipment:  The eyes on your face can’t pop out to look back at you, and mirrors show a distorted view.

It’s better if I’m in the dark, listening to the unseen forces around me.  

Not really, but it sounds good.  

I don’t hear unseen forces, but the meaning of the cards seem to flow better when there’s no (as my mother would’ve said) “preconceived notions.”

I just did a reading on the entire world.  In a nutshell:  We’re screwed.  

All right, I’ll try to explain.  

We were given a gift.  We’ve strived to come together over the past few centuries but we are presently serving the short-sighted god of wealth and greed, not trying to better humanity.  In the next few months, conflicts are going to escalate.  We have the capacity to turn it all around…if we understand that the power within us is greater than the forces outside of us.  Will we continue to give away our power to those outside of us who insist we have none?  Probably.  At the end of this year, expect life to become a lot harder for all of us.

I probably didn’t have to read Tarot cards to see that one coming.