#WQWWC Fun with Artists (sight, sound and taste).

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Artist”

I’m a day late for this, but being late seems to be my lot in life these days.  

Here are the rules:  “You select a quote that inspires you based on the THEME. Then use the quote in or as the title of:

  • A short piece of flash fiction
  • An original piece of poetry
  • Photography that ACCURATELY interprets your quote
  • And remember you can place your poetry on images as well to enhance the impact of your message.”


Instead of looking for quotes by other writers, I’ll provide my own.  It’s not as dangerous (no copyright infringement — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) except it might be considered politically irreverent.

Rap is music for the tone deaf. Modern art is painting for the visually impaired.  It’s the perfect solution for those of us with no concept of taste.  

Here’s my contribution to the fine arts:

Frame by br.fotolia.com


It’s called “ghost in a snow storm.”  

I’m so excited about my new-found artistic talent, I’m on a roll!  

 Here’s what my cat thinks about my latest creation, “phone cord Macramé:


That’s his happy face.  Really.