Sunday Stories: #cats and taxes


Other Brother Coon Cat (OBCC):  What’s mom doing on the floor?

Coon Cat (CC):  See the blue box on top ot the printer?

OBCC:   No

CC: That’s because you’re looking at mom.  It the thing that’s preventing me from laying on top of the printer.   

OBCC:  I still don’t see it.

CC:  If you were a tree, you’d be too dumb to breathe.  Turn your head around.

OBCC:  Oh!  The blue thing just like the blue thing on the floor.

CC:  She’s doing something called “taxes.”  It starts in January.  She takes the blue bins out, puts them on the other side of our desk so that we can’t take that space, too, and starts moaning, “Why do I do this to myself every D@&#ed year.”

OBCC:  Why is she screaming, “I should’ve done this in January! Why do I always have to ask for an extension?”

CC:  It’s part of the ritual.  Mom has to yell about it for 3 months, play with paper for a few weeks, and put it all on that rectangle we like to sit in front of.


OBCC:  I see the light!

CC:  That’s from the camera, numb-nut.

OBCC:  You can’t call me that!  You were neutered, too.

CC:  Perhaps one day mom can trade you for an accountant.  That, at least, would have some use.

OBCC:  Do we have to pay taxes, too?

CC:  Every time you roll over for a treat.

OBCC:  So then…mom doesn’t like paying taxes because it’s humiliating?

CC:  Something like that.