60 years in a flash of #poetry


Time wisps away

Ghosts traveling past,

in search of solace.


Cold war, hippies, polyester period disco

mannequin figures make way for

the underwear era, until stomachs crying

to be free of a girdle ask for acceptance.


Skin tight dresses bulge, front and rear,

held up by stiletto’s, heralding the passing

of dignity and common sense.


Socialism’s shadow passes over us and

on his heels dictators trample…

the bane of humanity ripping away

at the fabric of our destiny.


”The scum rises to the top,”

My mother said,

when crooning was in style.


Millennia, era, epoch passes,

one style remains.

Humanity gravitates, spinning…

hurling away from peace.

Oppression’s pawn.