I’m shamelessly copying most of this from my own Facebook page.  Only this time I can use bullets instead of dashes.  

Well… I’m NOT Johanna Quass, who can do this at 86 years old.

Johanna Quass

I spent most of the day playing

  • jump-off-the-mattress (it’s at floor level),
  • roll backwards/forwards off the mattress,
  • aim the plastic bow & hit the table with the plastic arrow
  • yoga(ish),
  • the match game (which I’m notoriously bad at)
  • watching “The Cat From Hell” on YouTube,
  • playing mindsweeper (we took turns guessing a square and the first one who hits a mine loses).

AND having conversations with the Munchkin.

Conversations with my son are a bit different.

  • My son said, “You shouldn’t do that.”
  • I said, “Munchkin will be all right.”
  • He said, “I’m not worried about the Munchkin.  I don’t want you in the hospital.”

I just took an Ibuprofen because my under-worked muscles are already starting to get sore. But the spirit hasn’t been this happy in years.