A #haiku #photo, poems and replies

poetry of skies

POEMS:  I’m not doing NaPoWriMo this year.  Too much is going on in my brain that isn’t poetry.  Maybe next year.

REPLIES:  Today, I’m going to be lazy and bore you with a few replies I made this week. And no, they’re not supposed to have any context that ties them together.

But please feel free to click on the links to their blogs.

The serious:

  1.  TO sparkonit:  I believe that science and spirituality are opposite sides of the same coin — to try and erase one side weakens the other. Spirituality believes there is a higher power. Science is in the process of proving it.
  2. TO Amanda from Surprising Lives: I’ve found that a good sense of humor, and seeing the glass half-full instead of half-empty, is what leads to happiness. But there are times when grief strikes, and there are times when you have to let it play out until your mind is once again able to look for the single flower sticking out of the junkyard.

The humorous:  

  1. TO NWR shoutabyss : I used to love Burger King, until a stomach problem that makes it impossible to enjoy fat-laden, chemical-comatosed foods more than a few times a month. The day I had to use 11 napkins to get the grease out of a child-sized burger and finding a flavor reminiscent of cardboard left behind, I stopped visiting that establishment. In other words — I’m not surprised that your experimental subjects were mess-laden, tasteless, over condimented culinary nightmares. Thanks for sparing dozens of us the agony.
  2.  TO NWR  blogdramedy: I’m not a coke or pepsi fan, but what would you expect from someone who walks into a Starbucks and orders Chai with soymilk and 2 packets of honey? For most of the world, anything I say past this point would be considered False(ish). Truish sounds like it should be a nationality. If so, all of us would belong to it. 🙂