At a loss for words

My mom used to say, “I’m at a loss for words.”

That cliché describes this week quite well: My sense of humor is hiding and my creativity has gone bye-bye. 


For some reason, I know not why, I have no problem writing replies.

So today, for your entertainment, I’m going to list a few replies I’ve made over the past several weeks.

I’ll start out with a haiku written for a gorgeous picture from this website:

I highly recommend visiting his blog.  Lots of gorgeous pictures, and many of them are free.

Couldn’t resist a haiku that formed by looking at this picture:

Calm the waning day,
burnished golden stillness glows
with its contentment.

Photo: Alex Markovich.

Photo: Alex Markovich.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE B WORD:  If every person in the world told the truth about emotions, we would find no one immune to the bell curve between kind and the b* word.

THIS SHOULD EXPLAIN IT: To a Floridian, “cold” is anything below 70F (21c). There was actually snow in Jacksonville last month. Can you imagine? That’s temperate sacrilege 🙂

A DOSE OF REALITY:  Children need to be shocked by your humanity once in a while. It’s too easy for them to think of parents as non-feeling/inhuman barriers to getting what they want. 🙂

NO, THIS ISN’T ABOUT THE TREES, IT’S ABOUT THE CATS:  We live in the country, where there are more trees per square mile than there are people in Jacksonville. They rarely travel past the fence and tend to want to sleep 22 hours a day. 🙂

STATING THE OBVIOUS:  No comforter is complete without cat hairs. It rounds out the bedroom ensemble. 🙂

ANOTHER WORD I HATE: The word “Empowered” was invented to make people think they need to get back something the inventor never intended them to have.

When I get my sense of humor  back, I’ll let you know.

Until then, creativity is going to be as scarce as hens teeth.