Celestial humor

Doggies are at it again.  

Barking at the air.

Usually, they look like this:


But not the night before work.

They have to wait until I’m asleep and bolt out the door, using my stomach or legs as a launching pad.

Believe me when I tell you this; no one sleeps through 68 pounds of dog pressing her entire weight on an inner thigh in the form of a front paw.

I stumble out of bed, following the offending little muttlets.  Is it a squirrel in a tree?  Or another dog barking “is anyone out there” in the distance? 

They looked into the sky, barking at the air.

Of course, I look into the sky, too.  I suppose the sight of a speck of light stopping in mid-flight shouldn’t be a surprise to someone who is only half awake, but…

As I’m standing there watching a speck of light making triangles 20 miles up, the pressure drops like a hurricane coming onto land.

That’s when the dogs start barking at the stars like hell hounds.


I have to ask this question.


Why can’t invisible spaceships fly over someone else’s home?