Not a promise

‘Eternity? Is that more than a decade?’

How many times have I heard these words, “I love you so much, I want to stay with you for eternity.”

I can tell you from experience that “eternity” is not a promise any mortal can keep. 

For most people, love is like owning a car.  They’re enamored with the newness of it.  After a few years, they’re satisfied with the comfort of it.  But when it starts getting too many dents, or costing too much to maintain, they look at the latest models.  

They’ll trade in old reliable for a new car or hope that some fool crashes into it, giving them the opportunity to look for a new one.

Eternity is too long to promise.  I’ll be happy to stay together until the body ceases to function.  And then…

  • if the atheists are right, we won’t know we’re dead.
  • If the reincarnation believers are right, once we go to the recycling center in the sky, both of us are free to start over with no knowledge of our former attachments.
  • If those who believe in a heaven and hell are right, I doubt that both of us are going to end up in the same place.

You might want to see my car before you pass judgment on me.


Unless it dies, I have no desire to find a new one.