This is the day before my daughter’s birthday.  

joelle and kidlets

That’s important to me.



My son’s 40th birthday is 2 months away.  I’ll be visiting him and spending time with my granddaughter for a few days.

Mak and me 2012 - Copy

That’s important to me.


Having a grumpy old man in my life who is there for me every single day without fail, who can fix anything, who adds a trip to Dollar General when he goes to the post office and presents a tube of Pringles French Onion potato chips to me when he knows I’m stressed, and who finds the best deals on the internet for exactly what I’ve been wanting

what love is

That’s important to me.

A box of chocolates given to me by my family is NOT important to me.

In another 2 days, the sales begin.  By the end of the week, all of the remaining Valentine’s day candies will be 1/2 price.

That’s important to me.

Nothing tastes better than a fine chocolate that’s on sale for the price of a Snickers bar.

The importance of priorities cannot be overstated.