@$$hole piece of scum

100_0588This is a picture I took, last month, looking into the mirrored closet doors of my sister’s guest room in Desert Hot Springs, California.  

I’m wearing a very warm jacket given to me in Bromont, Quebec when I was freezing to death in June 2 years ago.  I don’t care if it’s 12 sizes too large.    


So then…Why am I showing you this picture?  

It has a view of the guest room window.

I can hear it now.  You’re asking, “Why is that window so important?”

Well…it was important enough to the @$$hole who used a crowbar to break through it so that he could steal this:

1-2016 bld


No, not the dogs or the 2 cats.  In fact, the dog was there at the time and doesn’t seem to have any idea that a crime was committed.


Everything on the computer table, including all the backups, flash drives, and her camera, were whisked away when my sister left the house to work as a volunteer.

To a criminal, it’s just another few dollars.  



Let me explain what it means to my sister.

  • It means that any information the thieves can use to steal her identity will be gleaned before an f-disk.  The emails, files, software, books, & pictures that can’t be replaced are gone forever.  
  • It means that a woman who has spent decades working 12 hour days, a woman who gave generously to charitable organizations and to her family, has just lost years of hard work.
  • It means that some piece of scum, who never earned an honest living, has violated her trust in humanity probably so that he could get high one more time.

I hope that the next place this @$$hole breaks into is owned by a former marine who meets him with a 44 Magnum.  The only reason I’m NOT hoping that the marine fires it at him is the fact that he didn’t kill her dog.

It’s nothing less than delusional to think that the thief will be caught and her digital life returned to her before it’s f-disked. With the US economy tanking and record job losses, there’s no doubt that the problem is only going to get worse.

The present population of the world is estimated at 7.4 billion people.   There are more kind, caring, good people in the world than there are @$$hole pieces of scum.  I wonder how many of the good, kind, caring people are beginning to re-think the assertion that all life is important and are, instead, wondering if some of that life really needs to be walking the Earth?

Now THAT would be an interesting poll.