Thoughts on being a writer

How a writer celebrates Thanksgiving Day

How a writer celebrates Thanksgiving Day

I’m far from a best seller.  

Only 5 minutes ago on Amazon, out of 20.7 million English Language books, ATTO RUN was 130,319 in SciFi & 4,967,979 overall.  

Hey, It could be worse.  I’m in the top 30%, not the bottom 70%.

Which brings me to my point

As a writer, you’ll find that other writers are very supportive.  Several provide spot-on advice.  Here are a few great sites that come to mind:

 Chris Graham             He reblogs only the best!

Sally G. Cronin            Great writing advice, often reblogged by Chris.

Amanda Ricks             Social Media is her forte

Kawanee Hamilton    Great writing advice, often reblogged by Chris.


(and that’s a BIG but)

…you’re going to run into a few talentless trolls who get their thrills from tearing other people down.  

I ran into one of them when I was a guest poet.  The fact that the poem received 151 likes made me smile at the vain effort.  

If you’re wondering, “How do I handle them?” here’s a bit of advice gleaned from the experts:

  1. If you’re writing a guest post, ignore them.
  2. Moderate new comments and if you find a troll, block it.

If it isn’t the trolls, it’s the people who think they’re helping you by pointing out that you have as much chance of making a million off your book as you have of being struck by lightning on the moon.  

Here’s a bit of advice about handling negative helpers:

He:  You have to face the fact your book is never going to be a best seller.  There are better ways to make money.

Me:  That’s not why I write.

He:  Then why bother?

Me (with a broad smile):  To write is to breathe in life.  I write for the sheer joy of it.  In fact, I can’t NOT write.

He:  *silence*

There’s no better way to deflate a Toilet-load of negativity than drowning it in joy.

Bottom line:  Stick with the people who are supportive, avoid the jerks, and laugh at the talentless trolls.  The first time you hold your book, your creation, in your hand, you’ll be glad you did.