I took one of those ridiculous Facebook “tests.”  You know what I’m talking about.  Some company mining your information gives you 12 questions, everyone makes 100% and shares it with all their friends.

The test I’m going to complain about is a bit different from other ones.  It calculates all the words you’ve written on Facebook and tells you which ones you use the most.

What one word do I used the most?


Yes, a big fat I stared at me from the center ring of an alphabet word soup.  Does it matter that my second most-used word was LOVE?  No!  As I’ve said many times, second place is like almost jumping over the Grand Canyon.  You’re just as dead.

Instead of rattling on about myself, it’s time that I started listening to others more often…

…so, I’ve decided to talk about you…

but I need some ammunition help before I can talk about you with other people.  Please feel free to write your answers in the reply section.

  1. What was your most embarrassing moment?
  2. Did you have a nickname you hated as a child?
  3. Have you experienced a disastrous relationship?  If so, can you provide his or her phone number.
  4. Who is your worst enemy, who is your best friend, and are they on Facebook?  Do they like to sit in Starbucks and talk about you for hours at a time?

Thank you for helping me get past the need to talk only about myself.

Have a nice day.