Air Pits, Free Editing, and Freezing

This is my monthly contribution to the Nudge Wink Report. I have a strange sense of humor, but you knew that. 🙂

nudge. wink. report.

))))****SPECIAL REPORT****(((((


It’s so special, I’m staying near my toilet in case my stomach turns parenthesis green.

plane crash

1. Why I hate airports (aka airpits)

Here is the nutshell ho-hum version:  At 6:30am Pacific time on January 13,  I left my sister’s home for the hour drive to the airport in Ontario, California.  I’m a TSA Pre® , so I breezed through the line (I highly recommend this system, unless you’re a terrorist.).  The 3 flights home were on time.  EVERY Delta staff person and sky cap was exceptional, and I was on the tarmac in Florida at 11:38pm.

When I flewTO Ontario California on December 23, it was an hour drive to the airport and the same 3 flights backwards.  When you’re poor, your choices are “buy this cheap ticket or hitchhike.”

The FloridaBorne version:  Imagine you’ve…

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