Unexpected cat toy


Coon Cat is up to something…again.

Above is the face that glares into mine every morning.

Staring at me isn’t good enough, so he’s found a new way to rob me of sleep.


from: loc.gov

This is a digital player from RFB&D (Recordings For the Blind & Dyslexic).  It’s next to my bed for easy access.  Most of the time, I use it to read Discover Magazine. Each time a button is pushed, the player talks to you.

Here’s what my wake-up cat had in store for me today:

“End of Discover, December 2015”

“Player on.”

“Speed up.”

“Back 5 seconds…back 20 seconds…back 1 minute…back 5 minutes…new location.”

Face to face with this face, he stared into my eyes and put his foot down. 


This was the result:

“Volume up.”

He turned around, tail up and butt in my face, his back paw touching the half-moon button.

“Sleep 15 minutes.”

“Damn cat!”  I mumbled.

“Speed down, normal.”

“Smart ass,”  I said, throwing the covers over my head.  “I should hire you out to a circus.”

“Old data yields new discoveries…”

If he starts talking about bosons and quarks, I’m outta here.