Love, catten style

A bit of background:  3 weeks ago, traveled from Florida to California for extreme editing.  

In case you think it was simply a vacation, only 2 days were spent on activities other than editing; one day traveling to Arrowhead to see the new home of a friend, and a day recovering from the greasy Mexican pizza brownie from hell.

I spent half of yesterday, doing the same route backwards.  I was on 3 flights and at 4 airports between 8:30 am Pacific and 11:30pm Eastern.  

The day I left for California, the dogs weren’t happy.  Fat White Dog thought I’d been euthanized, Errrrr Dog and Happy Dog sulked a little, and Dingo Mutt was slinking around wondering if it was all his fault that I ran away. 

The cats were asleep.

Cats have diverse personalities.  Some are playful and cuddly.  Others, like my 2 coon cats (the boys), advise me when it’s time for their canned food or when they want a treat.  

Play consists of ignoring anything I dangle above their heads and walking away from it when they’re annoyed.  

They like to sleep on their 1/2 of my desk… 


…and remind me when it’s time to open a can of their favorite food.



Otherwise, they don’t want to know me.

A week ago, hubby said he had to fetch Other Brother Coon Cat (OBCC) out of the rain. OBCC was sitting in the yard staring at the front of the house while the water poured over him.  Hubby turned on the computer to a talk show I like to listen to, put a small heater in my office, placed the cat on his 1/2 of the desk and found that OBCC was content with that set-up.

Strange, but cats are strange anyway, right?


The moment I walked in the door last night, Coon Cat jumped up on the counter and wanted food.  Typical.  

But what happened next was unexpected.

OBCC wanted to be petted, his meow a strange mix of “please don’t leave again!” and “where have you been?”

OBCC hasn’t allowed me out of his sight since I arrived home. He slept next to me last night purring like a revving engine.  He’s presently sleeping, his face so serene.  


I suppose that some spirits don’t know how much another spirit means to them until they’re gone.  Once I walked through the door, he wasn’t going to allow a single moment to go by without me.  

That’s what I call love.