dietary fiasco



There is no other way to say this:


I have gastroparesis.  My diet is supposed to consist of a supplement drink, baby food, highly processed cereals like cream of rice, and small portions several times a day.

It isn’t a raw fruit, vegetable or high fat diet.  

Yesterday I had a slice of pizza for breakfast, 2 small enchiladas for lunch, and pizza and a brownie for dinner.

It’s 3:00am and my mouth tastes like a greasy Mexican pizza brownie.  One that’s floating on top of a volcano ready to erupt at any moment.  

I’d ask, “Where is a stomach pump when you need one?”  But, unfortunately the answer to this nightmare is to

(1) wait it out for the next 5 hours or

(2) let it erupt, an event not all that different from having your entire stomach come out through the esophagus.

I feel like the kid who sticks his tongue on a pole in the middle of winter.  He was warned, he knew the consequences, but he just had to try it anyway.

That should make it a lot easier to determine who is to blame for this fiasco.